Screw It

June 13, 2018


Earlier this week I met my sister Karen at our local Trader Joe’s to get some grocery shopping done. I have to say, I typically grocery shop by myself, but doing it with my sister was incredibly fun.  As I walked up to the front, I was greeted by colorful flowers, cute succulents and endless amounts of fresh herbs I think I can keep alive, but never do. So I kept walking.  My sis and I perused through the aisles picking up countless TJ wonders. And then we stumbled upon this brilliantly branded rosé called Simpler Wines.

Let’s make something clear, I’m not the biggest fan of rosé, but when life gives you a bottle on a hot summer day, you grab a corkscrew and open that bottle up! In this case this bottle was a can, yet still we said, “Screw it, let’s try it out!”

These little cans crisp curb appeal matched it’s inside too.  The taste was refreshing, fruity, not overly sweet and didn’t have a weird after taste like most cheap bottles of rosé.

Plus, at $4 for a mini pack of 4, this summer staple can-not be beat!

Price: $4 per 4-pack

Supplier: Trader Joe’s

Notes: A fairly high alcohol content packed in these mini cans, so a little goes a long way fast!

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